Welcome to JBJSaints

We are a Catholic parish Cluster located in Northwestern Wisconsin and are part of the Superior Diocese.

We are three Catholic Churches in the towns of Clear Lake (Polk County), Glenwood City, and Wilson (St. Croix County).

Contact us by email stjohnbaptist@cltcomm.net or Cluster Office phone 715-265-7133


St. John's Catholic Church

811 4th Street
Clear Lake, WI 54005 US
(715) 265-7133

St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

757 1st Street
Glenwood City, WI 54013 US
(715) 265-7133

St. Bridget's Catholic Church

120 Depot Street
Wilson, WI 54027 US
(715) 265-7133
November 14, 2017


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